Limited Edition Harambe Baseball Jerseys

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Limited Edition Harambe Baseball Jersey On Sale Now!


Are you an animal lover? Do you post memes on Facebook all day? Do you want to show your love for a dearly beloved gorilla? Look no further and order yourself one of our Limited Edition Harambe Baseball Jerseys now on sale in our shop!


This famous gorilla’s life was sadly brought to a fast end one day at the Cincinnati Zoo after he was just “keeping watch” of a three year old that fell into his enclosure. We’ve made this original jersey so you can show what you’ve got “out for Harambe.”


Our Limited Edition Harambe Jersey is one of our best sellers! It is made with a breathable polyester mesh and is machine washable. It’s unique design and high quality colors and graphics make this jersey the perfect way for you to show your support for this American legend!


This jersey is available in all sizes and is now ON SALE! Pick it up at our online store by following this link:

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