Harambe Jerseys Available to Purchase!

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Harambe Jerseys Available to Purchase now from JerseyChamps.com!

Jersey Champs is kicking off on another major product: the Harambe basketball jersey and the Harambe baseball jersey. With the Harambe memes going around, this jersey is super trendy and one of the biggest sellers right now. Teenagers are Jersey Champs biggest clients, so of course, where there are jerseys, there are cell phone cases. The Harambe cell phone case is actually free right now! It’s sleek design and accurate art portrayal make the Harambe phone case a major seller and the perfect accessory to either of the Harambe jerseys!

On top of jerseys and phone cases, Harambe can be kept in all our memories with the Harambe mug, pillow, tank top, sweatshirt, poster, t-shirt, and basketball jersey. There are also some options for the risk takers, such as a “Dicks Out For Harambe” sweatshirt and jacket. An awesome addition to anyone’s closet, the Harambe X Drake shirt is a funny twist on an awesome Drake album. Harambe is a great gorilla to wear, and you’ll be sure to have a unique look!

At first glance on the Jersey Champs website, most of the shirts with Harambe are the same pattern. However, the Harambe sweatshirt stands out in a sea of Harambe with grass behind him. The Harambe sweatshirt has an almost full Harambe body on the front, a sure eyecatcher. Nothing is normal about the Jersey Champs jerseys, but one thing is for sure: Jersey Champs will never go out of style. Especially with Harambe on their side.

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