Donald Trump for President 2016!!!!

Posted by regan trahan on

Donald Trump is a filthy rich man! Donald Trump makes over 250 Million dollars every year! Donald has over 500 different businesses each making him about 500,000 each per year. In February 2015 Donald Trump declared that he would run for the 2016 presidential race. Getting closer and closer to the presidential race Donald Trump was getting very popular around the world. It wasn't until  November 9, 2016 that Donald Trump was declared the 45th President of the United States of America. Since Donald Trump was declared the 45th President we decided to make a jersey for him.

This Donald Trump jersey is made with 100% breathable polyester mesh and is machine washable. This jersey consists of a unique design with a baseball cut style. This jersey is made with high quality colors and graphics. This Donald Trump jersey comes in sizes S-XXXXL. Every time you wear this jersey it will remind you of how Donald Trump was elected the 45th President!

If you would like to checkout or purchace this "Donald Trump" jersey click the link below!

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