Chris Bosh Heat career comes to an end

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After failing another physical prior to training camp, it seems like Chris Bosh's NBA career comes to an end.

Heat president Pat Riley said  that the Heat organization does not plan for Bosh to have a comeback and his career with the Heat is over. If he wants to try a comeback with another team, "that's up to him."

Miami fans hopes that Bosh would be able to one day play again. Unfortunately for Bosh, it sounds like that's not an option even with blood thinners in his system. The clotting presents a major issue and the dangers of playing on blood thinners in professional basketball present life-threatening effects.

Bosh could find himself able to play in the near future at some point, but he has enormous hurdles to clear in order to convince any NBA team that he's not risking his life by playing the game of basketball again.

Chris Bosh Heat career comes to an end


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