Bacon Baseball Jerseys On Sale Now!

Posted by Sean Kelly on

One word, Bacon! Who doesn't love bacon, like seriously?? Bacon comes from the sides and belly of a pig. Bacon is mostly fat and is usually served in thin slices. Bacon is one of the most loved foods and who wouldn't want a bacon jersey to show all your friends how much you love bacon. Plus, we've got the pants to match!! 
           ​This "Bacon" jersey is not made with bacon, unfortunately, but it is made with polyester mesh. This jersey is machine washable. The "Bacon" jersey has a unique design and has a baseball cut. The "Bacon" jersey is made with high quality colors and graphics. This jersey is made in the USA and offers ten day shipping! 
           If you would like to checkout or purchase this "Bacon" jersey click the link below!

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